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Special Offers

A family standing in front of their home.
30-Year Fixed - Refi

Low Rates, longer term, lower payments. A 30-year fixed rate mortgage is a great way to keep your payments in check.

A family in front of their home.
15/15 Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Enjoy the lower payments of a 30-year home loan, and the lower rates of a 15-year term. It’s our 15/15 ARM.

A phone with the First U.S. mobile app open.
Better Than Free Checking

It’s FREE Checking, just better. With a cash-back VISA debit card, an NSF waiver every year – and much more. Oh, and even FREE checks.

Young couple using a laptop.
Personal Loan Special

We’re here to help with some of the lowest rates we’ve ever offered on personal loans – and No Payments for 60 Days.

A photo of a house with a large porch
30-Year Fixed - Purchase

Rates have dropped on 30-year fixed rate mortgages on home purchases.

A photo of a house with a large porch
VA Loans

Purchase a home with no down payment and no Mortgage Insurance requirements, with options that make home ownership more affordable for Veterans.

Smart Start Money Market
$mart Start Money Market

Earn certificate quality yields, up to 3.00% APY while building your savings, with our new Smart Start Money Market – the smart way to kick off your savings habit.

Cash Rewards Visa
New! Cash Rewards Visa

Earn up to 3% back each month on everyday purchases. It’s our new, Cash Rewards Visa. It’s simple to earn, plus you’ll save with No Annual Fees and No Balance Transfer Fees.

Two people reviewing their finances
Get a Fixed-Rate Visa

It’s one of the last FIXED-RATE VISAs around. With NO Annual Fees, NO Penalty Rates, and NO Balance Transfer Fees, you’ll save right from the start.

Happy young family in front of their new home.
10/10/10 Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Get 10-year rates on a 30-year home loan with our 10/10/10 ARM. With one of our lowest rates for a 30-year term, you’ll save right away.