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Break the loan cycle with Quick Cash
– our new payday alternative loan.

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Are you stuck in a payday loan cycle? We can help.
Say you borrowed $300 from a payday lender. There's a fee, usually 20% of the loan amount. So you write a check for $360 to the lender (the $300 you're borrowing, plus the 20% fee).

Then in two weeks, they cash your check – and you're done.
Or are you? Many borrowers end up rolling the loan over, and paying an additional $60. In just one month, many people end up paying $120 to borrow $300. That's a 520% annual percentage rate!

No credit check
One, low $20 application fee
Terms from one to three months
Loans from $200 to $500
A competitive 28% short-term APR

Quick Cash also comes with a copy of Right on the Money, a great financial literacy resource, with tips, tricks and best practices when it comes to managing your money.
APRs, rates, terms and offers accurate as of 5/24/2017 and subject to change without notice. Non-refundable $20 application fee per loan application. Only one open/active loan at any time. Maximum three Quick Cash loans per year. Direct deposit of net payroll is required. Payment example: 3 monthly payments of $34.91 per $100 borrowed.
2013 First U.S. Community Credit Union
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