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FREE Online Banking & Bill Payment
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First U.S. Online
is a FREE service, giving you banking convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A computer with Internet access is all you need to:

‣  Review account activity – ATM, Debit Card, Deposits and Withdrawals
‣  Check real-time balances – sign up for E-alerts to warn of low balances
‣  Transfer funds between accounts or to another account number*
‣  View and print copies of canceled checks (up to one year)
‣  And much more

Bill Payment
is also a FREE service at First U.S. You only need an open checking
account and a computer with Internet access to:

‣  Set up one-time or recurring automatic payments
‣  Track spending and expenses with a variety of reports
‣  Export data easily to external accounting software like
Quicken and QuickBooks
‣  And much more

With Online banking and Bill Payment, you save money on postage, save time
on phone calls to the branch, save gas and mileage traveling back and forth,
and save worry about mail fraud – and they are totally FREE to our valued members.

* Non-checking account transfers and withdrawals are limited to six (6) per calendar month per Federal regulation.

2013 First U.S. Community Credit Union
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