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Welcome to First U.S.

We're pleased that the members of McClatchy Employees Credit Union have voted to partner with First U.S. On July 1st, our partnership will be completed and MECU members then become the newest member-owners of the combined credit union – First U.S.

Welcome Guide

Your Welcome Guide to our partnership contains information about all the new products and services that are available to you starting July 1st. It’s also your resource for information about any changes about which you should be aware, like new hours at the BEE building branches (9:00 – 5:30 Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 to 6:00 on Friday).

You can download a pdf copy here.


For an additional copy of required disclosure documents, please call a Member Service Representative at (800) 556-6768, or email us at

How will I benefit from this partnership?

  • The same great service through local offices with local staff, plus seven additional branches to serve you in the greater Sacramento area.
  • An expanded field of membership, so that your family members may also enjoy the benefits of member-ownership of the Credit Union.
  • Convenient access to more than 30,000 FREE ATMs and more than 5,000 shared credit union branches across the country through our association with CO-OP.
  • Expanded products and services, like FREE checking options, and more savings choices with money markets and additional certificate terms – all with the continued value of better rates and lower fees.
  • A full line of financing solutions, like VISA credit cards (including fixed-rate cards), additional-term and higher-advance auto loan choices, and specialty financing like government-backed reverse mortgages, and payroll alternative loans.
  • Home loan financing with the added benefit of our decades of real estate expertise. You’ll save with our better rates and lower fees on a variety of fixed and adjustable rate products for your next purchase or refinance – or tap into your home’s equity with a fixed rate, or one of the lowest payment lines of credit around. With a line of specialty home loan options, like our No Fee/Your Term home loan, you’ll find the right loan to meet your needs and your budget.
  • A full line of business services, including checking, certificates, auto loans, and building/practice financing including SBA lending options.
  • Enhanced electronic services including debit card access to your accounts, FREE Online Banking, FREE Bill Payment, and FREE Mobile Banking with eDeposits.
  • FREE electronic options to help manage your finances while protecting yourself online with services like eAlerts, Mobile Payment options (like ApplePay and Google Pay), and FREE eStatements to keep your financial data out of the mail stream.
  • Member discounts on home, auto, life, and dental/vision insurance programs.
  • Investment and financial planning services through our LPL Financial partners, Lighthouse Strategic Advisors.

Since both Credit Unions are partnering, how will that benefit me and my accounts?

Two healthy Credit Unions partnering together means you will have a bigger Credit Union with additional benefits, like expanded product options, and enhanced electronic services including mobile app access to Online Banking and Bill Payment. You’ll also enjoy an expanded branch network with thousands of full-service branches and more than 30,000 ATMs nation-wide through CO-OP Shared Branches and ATMs.

What will happen to my deposits?

All accounts — deposits and loans, will transfer to First U.S. on our official partnership date, July 1, 2019. Refer to your Welcome Guide for details.

What will happen to my member/account number at McClatchy Employees Credit Union?

Your account number would change as a result of the partnership, but will include your existing number to make the transition as convenient as possible. Your new account number will be six digits, starting with a “3” (three).


MECU Number First U.S. Number
56789 356789

Will my loan be automatically transferred to First U.S?

Yes. Any loan accounts will be transferred to First U.S. on the partnership date, July 1st. Your current loan terms, rates, and fees will remain the same.

Will my direct deposit and payroll deduction stay the same?

Yes. Direct Deposit of payroll or payroll deductions will remain the same. In fact, we will do everything we can to ensure that the originators of automatic deposits/transactions are made aware of your new account number(s).

Will I still be able to apply for a mortgage loan?

Yes. First U.S. offers a complete line of home financing solutions, from fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, to a variety of Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit. You’ll enjoy a number of specialty loan options as well, like the First U.S. 15/15 ARM - with low 15-year rates, and affordable 30-year payments.

Will I be able to order a new First U.S. ATM or VISA® Debit Card?

Yes. ATM access for your savings account and VISA Debit Cards for any new checking accounts are available and provide you with world-wide access to your funds through ATMs, point-of-sale terminals (like gas stations), and point of purchase locations that display the VISA logo.

Beginning July 1st, contact a Member Service Representative at (800) 556-6768 to order an ATM card.

Will my account still be federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)?

Yes. Your account will continue to be federally insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA. IRA accounts are separately insured up to an additional $250,000. If as a result of our partnership, your funds at First U.S. exceed $250,000, additional protection is provided by the NCUA for a short period of time while we work with you to maximize the amount of federal insurance you are entitled to under insurance rules.

Will my Credit Union employees be the same?

Yes. You’ll continue to see the same friendly faces in your local branch, and can see some friendly new faces in our other 7 branches. Stephen Serfozo, CEO of your McClatchy Employees CU has agreed to remain on the First U.S. Board as an Associate Board Member, and will continue to advocate on behalf of the credit union community and our members by representing First U.S. at industry focused events.

Once the partnership is finalized, how do I access the expanded branch network?

Beginning July 1st, you will have access, not only to your current branch location, but to the expanded network of First U.S. and CO-OP Shared Branches throughout the country. Visit to find locations for First U.S. branches that can help you with new products and services, and CO-OP Shared Branches for convenient access to your accounts through thousands of branch and ATM locations.