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VISA® Credit Card

0% APR for six months, then as low as 9.90% fixed APR

For purchases, cash advances and more, you'll enjoy the convenience and worldwide acceptance of a First U.S. VISA. And, as one of the last fixed-rate credit cards around, there’s no need to worry about paying more as interest rates rise.

  • 0% APR for 6 months
  • Fixed rates as low as 9.90% Annual Percentage Rate
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • 25-day grace period on purchases

View our Credit Card Agreement

APRs, rates, terms and offers accurate as of 06/21/2018 and subject to change without notice. Income, credit and other criteria will determine actual APR. After intro rate period, your rate will not increase. 25-day period to avoid paying interest on purchases applies if the total new balance is paid in full by the due date every billing period. If not paid in full, there is no-grace period. New Visa accounts only. Cannot be used to refinance an existing First U.S. loan.

Verified By Visa provides an extra layer of security when shopping online. Verified by VISA is a free, simple to use service that confirms the cardholder's identity with an extra password when making an online purchase with their VISA card.

Personal and Secured Loans

Whether you need funds for debt consolidation, the opportunity to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, education expenses and more, we have a personal loan that can be customized for your needs.

Personal Loans

Choose a lump sum or a standing line of credit. A First U.S. personal loan is different with easy access by ATM, check, Online and Mobile Banking, or of course, in person at any of our branches.

Access your First U.S. line of credit as a lower cost option for overdraft protection on your checking account.

Secured Loans

Put your savings to work for you when you use your savings or certificate account as collateral on your loan. With a secured loan, you’ll save every day with some of our lowest loan rates.

Computer Loans

Why pay high retail store rates when you purchase your next computer? First U.S. can make a difference in your wallet with a low-rate computer loan that can help you be high-tech without the high rate. Or finance any need with almost any collateral with a low-rate title loan.

Quick Cash

Break the loan cycle with Quick Cash – our new payday alternative loan.

Are you stuck in a payday loan cycle? We can help.

Borrow $300 from a payday lender. There's a fee, usually 20% of the loan amount. So you write a check for $360 to the lender (the $300 you're borrowing, plus the 20% fee).

Then in two weeks, they cash your check – and you're done.

Or are you? Many borrowers end up rolling the loan over, and paying an additional $60. In just one month, many people end up paying $120 to borrow $300. That's a 520% annual percentage rate!

With our Quick Cash Loan, you can avoid all of these and save with:

  • No credit check
  • One, low $20 application fee
  • Terms from one to three months
  • Loans from $200 to $500
  • A competitive 28% short-term APR

Quick Cash also comes with a copy of Right on the Money, a great financial literacy resource, with tips, tricks and best practices when it comes to managing your money.

APRs, rates, terms and offers accurate as of 06/21/2018 and subject to change without notice. Non-refundable $20 application fee per loan application. Only one open/active loan at any time. Maximum three Quick Cash loans per year. Direct deposit of net payroll is required. Payment example: 3 monthly payments of $34.91 per $100 borrowed.