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First U.S. and Your Funds are Safe and Secure

We want to assure you that your credit union and your funds remain safe and secure because of solid business decisions and the backing of the United States government.

First U.S. continues to have very low loan delinquencies and charge offs. Our focus on making quality loans to our members has helped us to keep loan delinquencies well below the national average. The percentage of our delinquent loans that have defaulted and have been charged off also remain well below the national average.

Your funds are insured by the United States government – up to at least $250,000 per account.

First U.S. does not and has not made sub-prime loans. We also do not invest in sub-prime loans, both of which are a source of recent stress on the banking system and financial markets. At First U.S., we have always placed our membership first, ensuring that the loans we make are the right loan for both our members and our membership at large.

Our capital position remains well above required levels. Even if we feel some strain as a result of falling home prices, First U.S. has a risk-based net worth that ranks us by our federal regulators as well capitalized – the highest ranking possible. We remain both strong and capable of continuing our almost 75th year history of success for our members and our community.

  Safe and Secure
2013 First U.S. Community Credit Union
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